Who We Are

Your 4PL Partner for the Most Sustainable Logistic Solution

SmartWay Logistics is a European 4PL party with locations in The Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Poland.

We Offer Transparency and Control

We offer complete openness about cost structures, purchasing rates, with which carriers we work and where the transport is located. We also tell if there are problems and how we solve them. We also explain why we decide something, or we present the decision to you. This keeps you as a customer in control.

We Work with State-of-the-art Tools

Smart solutions require smart tools. We work with state-of-the-art tools that we are constantly developing. In 2016 we switched to the 3rd generation TMS with an advanced planning tool. In addition, we use a reporting tool (Tableau), a tender tool (Tender tool) and an Integration hub to be able to link your customer system to our systems. We are also developing a slot booking system (SmartWay Booking Solutions).

Mission & vision

What we stand for

We offer the best possible sustainable transport solution based on honesty and respect for people and society.

We Have Transport DNA

Our people come from the transport world or receive transport knowledge because we are part of Van der Wal. This makes us hands-on, result-oriented and ensures that we are up to date with regard to the latest transport developments, legislation and regulations.

We Are Continuously Improving

We are constantly looking for improvements, it is a state of mind. We keep each other sharp (as colleagues) and we keep you sharp as a customer. We are challenging our customers to make improvements. We use new technologies and insights to improve processes. We invest in people and systems.